Reviews of "The Prize" Middle School Version
by Young Readers (6th through 9th grade)

"I think this is a great book. If there would be a movie to come out, I would seriously consider trying out for the part of Melissa."

"This is a book that will have you turning page after page to see if they all win or they all lose the prize."

"Every rule is good. Don't take any out."

"I think everyone should follow the 12 rules and if everyone did, the world would be a better place."

"It was very interesting and it made total sense. Maybe what they did in the book would work in real life."

"I would like others to read this book because maybe if they read it when they are young enough some of the choices they make will be better."

"You covered real problems I live."

"I have made lots of new friends by being nice first and I learned you can be nasty once if you have to, but after that be nice again."

"This book is okay for some sixth graders but mostly for High School."

"Your book talks about real stuff and kids need to hear it."

"I think you went a little too far like with Karter and his friends in the car. I recommend this book for 8th grade and higher."

"I was nice to a new girl. I showed her around school and told her how things work. Now she's my best friend."

"I was mean to a kid and he got mean back. Now we're friends, sort of."