Reviews of "The Prize" Middle School Version by Educators

"I liked the original version of The Prize, but I think the middle school version is more appropriate for 5th and 6th graders. I look forward to using it with my students from 5th grade through high school."

—Judy Morris, Burlington High School, Burlington WY.
Judy Morris, K-12 librarian teaches library skills to 5th, 6th and above grades.
Judy also teaches Family and Consumer Science for middle school and high school students.

"The new book is great. I appreciate the changes. I'm glad your publisher is working with you because we need good materials like this for our kids. Our middle school students found 'The Prize' relevant and thought provoking. Some of the best discussions of the year were based on this book. 'The Prize' is an engaging story that keeps students and adults turning pages. It also provides a very usable approach to bullying responses that can be taught to students and used by them on a daily basis. Thanks."

—Sandra Stoker
Wilson Middle School Librarian/Media Specialist, Newark, Ohio.

"I like the revisions a lot. I wish I could use the original book because honestly—it's probably more real, but I will be able to use the Middle School Edition of The Prize for developmental guidance lessons without any conflicts."

—Mrs. Gina M. Foulk
Guidance Counselor, Meadville, PA.

"Marilyn, thanks for the opportunity to read your novel. My kids LOVED it - and how timely...with the new bullying mandate from the State. The State of Connecticut has mandated that all schools respond to bullying with initiatives that include ways to deal with bullying; how schools are responding; what initiatives are in place; etc. That's why your book is so timely. I would love to order a number for my school's library. Thanks again! And have a great summer!"

—David A. Welch
Principal, East Hartford Middle School, East Hartford, CT.

"I received a copy of the prize and have read it over the summer. I will be using the book while teaching conflict management skills to freshman at my high school. I would also like a copy of your bully prevention program.
Thank you.

—Katrina Mitchell
School Social Worker, Newark Alternative Academy, Newark, Ohio