Sydney Schuster was an easy target growing up; the bullies beat him up every day. Now, he’s a millionaire with bullies for sons. He was willing to accept that fate (albeit with bitterness), but an opportunity arises. Syd’s former tormentor, now a priest, hits him up for the money to save his school. Sydney hits back with an offer the priest could not refuse.

     With Syd’s financial backing, Father John will run a new boarding school for ten inner-city teenagers. The kids, however, aren’t just there to study. They’re the guinea pigs in a social experiment. Their mission: to break the bully/victim cycle, without breaking a few simple rules. If they succeed, they win five million dollars—half a million per student. But if even one rule is broken, no one gets a cent. By the end of the school year, few rules remain intact.

     The question is, how much will the judges find out? And how much will they tolerate?

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How The Idea For "The Prize" Was Born

We Learned From Each Other

     It was a cold day in January 2000 when my two colleagues, Patty Barrett and Mara Sonderman, and I climbed the steps to the entrance of Koscuiszko Middle School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and rang the buzzer. We could see the hall monitor through an iron mesh-covered window in the door. She finished her business with some students before she came to unlock the door. We told her our business, signed in, and got directions to the classroom. We wove our way around animated students, down wide, pleasant, well-lit halls decorated with posters depicting adolescents of different colors and cultures—bilingual posters shouting encouragement to students to stay in school, avoid drugs, and abstain from sex. There were announcements for AA meetings, sporting events, and group and club activities.


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