A Life Without Trouble is No Life At All

We could all agree that too much trouble is not a good thing. We strive for a life of harmony, a life we can enjoy because all is well. However, not enough trouble can also be a problem. Trouble is what motivates us to achieve our goals and makes us passionate about our existence. It seems that when there isn't any "real" trouble, people will create some, just to feel alive and involved.

You'd think she'd be content. She worked hard all her life and now her dreams had come true. The husband she'd fought with was gone. She had her half of the money, and she bought the condominium of her dreams. With only herself to please, she furnished and decorated it exactly as she wanted. She dusted her precious objects daily and vacuumed the footprints off her carpeting. She cooked only when and what she wanted. She watched her favorite shows on television, and rented the movies of her choice. She could come and go as she pleased, and do whatever she liked. She only saw the friends she liked and family members she approved of. Life was good. She was content. Until one day she looked out her window at her perfect view of the man made lake and saw a blemish on her idyllic picture. One of her neighbors had put a new storm door on the entrance to her condo. It didn't match all the others.

With adrenaline rushing through her body, she picked up the phone to report the deviant door to the condominium authorities. A special meeting of the members was called. Residents stood up and took sides for or against the right to have a non-conforming storm door on the premises. Neighbors fought with neighbors. Where friendly smiles and greetings had been the norm, now silent stares and whispered insults replaced them. As they passed each other in the courtyard and the parking lot, they silently wondered, are you one of us or one of them?

How could one little door become such a big problem? When there is no trouble, we have to create some. When there is no big trouble, we make little troubles big. A life without trouble is a life without passion. A life without trouble is no life at all.

    —M. LaCourt