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She was one of the founders of the Brief Family Therapy Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Later as a staff psychotherapist in the Mental Health Department of a local HMO she developed and directed an intern/extern-training program for mental health professionals.

After the Columbine tragedy, she developed the Live and Let Live bully prevention program. She and her colleagues did a pilot study of the bully prevention program at Koscuiszko Middle School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with very positive anecdotal responses.

"The Prize": a novel about bullies and victims, is an outgrowth of the bully prevention program. It presents the concepts from the program in story form.

Two hundred students and their teachers read and discussed "The Prize". Both educators and their students praised "The Prize" with enthusiasm. They also suggested that another version of the book, one for younger readers, would be a welcome addition to their schools. The author published her Middle School Edition of "The Prize" in 2004.

LaCourt has written a number of articles, and training manuals related to her career in mental health and a biweekly column, Through My Eyes, for a community newspaper serving 23 Milwaukee area suburbs with 68,000 paid subscribers. Her second novel "The Almost Brother" was published in 2005.

Marilyn LaCourt, MA entered college as a freshman in 1972 along with her teenaged daughters. She graduated Summa cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education in 1975 and went on to earn her master's degree in Communication in 1976.

After the publication of the first edition of "The Prize" Marilyn gave up her twenty-five year practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist to focus on directing and promoting Coaching & Consulting Solutions, the Live and Let Live bully prevention program, and on her writing.

Marilyn is seeking a producer for her recently completed screenplay “The Prize” based on her novel of the same.

The Prize