Marilyn LaCourt, is a former marriage and family therapist with twenty-five years of clinical experience. She is the lead originator of the “Live and Let Live” Bully Prevention Program, based on sound scientific theory. She is the author of the novel “The Prize: A Novel About Bullies and Victims...”, based on the principles in her bully prevention program, and "The Almost Brother" which questions the value of pure altruism.

Recently she has released a Middle School Edition of “The Prize” for younger readers and has adapted "The Prize" to a screen play of the same name. LaCourt has published more than one hundred essays on parenting, relationships, mental health issues, current social issues, and just for fun in her bi-weekly newspaper column, “Through My Eyes”.


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The Ten Commandments

These ten commandments illustrate the steps we can take to make reciprocal behavior a benefit to our lives.

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Birds, Ants, Bats, and Fish All Do It

The common understanding of evolutionary behaviour is that in all species it is the strong that survive and that cooperation between individuals in the group is at odds with that. Most scientists, however, don't hold that to be the case. In the very interesting article Birds Do It. Bats Do It. author Alex Dixon explores new research which shows that cooperation happens across the spectrum of living beings all the way down to the cellular level. In exploring these behaviours author Dixon suggests that the underlying principles of cooperation in the rest of the all living species can help humans embrace and improve upon their own cooperative instincts. Marilyn encourages you to consider this new understanding of the power of cooperation.

"An Invitation to Moderate Religionists and Atheists to
Cooperate With Each Other in the Best Interest of our Survival as a Species"

Marilyn LaCourt has authored some thought provoking ideas regarding the importance of cooperation between moderate religionists and atheists. She calls for an effort to support and maintain our secular Constitution in the face of the enormous pressure brought by religious extremists to bring about a theocracy in our great country, and to halt and reverse the errosion of our civil liberties which has thus far occurred as a result of their efforts. If you are concerned that the rising voice of religious extremism in the world today does not represent your views, read this article and share it with your like-minded friends. You and they will find Marilyn's rationality and logic both reassuring and timely to the challenges we face as a species.

"Reciprocal cooperation is the best survival strategy for our species."

Richard Dawkins – Evolutionary Biologist

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"The Prize" Middle School Edition

Marilyn LaCourt's novel, "The Prize", has been revised to better suit the requirements and considerations of younger readers. Now educators and other professionals can use "The Prize" Middle School Editon, and it's related Study Guide, with complete confidence that it will be entirely appropriate for a Middle School audience.

Young readers' greatly enjoy reading the Middle School Edition of "The Prize". The novel entertains and holds the young readers interest while providing a basis for discussion of one of life's most important issues, our relationships with other people.

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"The Prize" Wins Glowing Reviews!

Marilyn LaCourt has written a fascinating retort to the pessimistic vision of human nature set forth in Golding's “Lord of the Flies”. “The Prize” makes a compelling and convincing case that the terms of the discussion have been wrong from the start. Selfishness and selflessness aren't mutually exclusive—they can and do co-exist, as the student's in LaCourt imagined experiment demonstrate. Left to ourselves, she asserts, we learn that cooperation is crucial to individual self-interest.

Imagine the powerful conversation in an English class that compares and contrasts Golding with the fully-articulated alternative view of human nature in The Prize! I might wish myself thirteen again just to be a part of it.

Dale McGowan, PhD
Editor/co-author: “Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion”
Author: “Calling Bernadette's Bluff”