“My Fond Farewell”
 A poem by By Marilyn LaCourt

Now I lay me down to sleep
I hope to die before I wake
Cause, I already ate my cake
No pie in the sky
From which to partake

I’ve had my fill. I feel no hunger
No desire to be much younger.
Been there, done that, and now I wish...
No longer to exit....
Yes, no longer to exist.

Don’t feel bad. It’s okay
No more to do, no reason to stay
I’ve loved you all along the way
You loved me too
You fed me cake
I tasted your frosting sweet and true

I’m not greedy, had my fill
Had my cake and ate it too
When death comes to make its call
As it will for us all
I can say life tasted good
I ate it all. I’ve had my fill

Make a difference? Thought I could
I used to think perhaps I would....
I can’t do busy. It makes me dizzy
And now I’m boring even me.

Wiser folks than me
Left an awesome legacy
But no one ever lives forever
Even if they once were clever
Dementia knows no boundaries
Staying too long is just plain wrong

Bodies give out like well-worn shoes
Minds go to mush like left over stews
Loved ones are tasked with the care
Of empty shells with no one there
To linger too long would be a mistake
One I hope not to make

Conscience guides me
Don’t get greedy
Best to leave before I’m needy
I’ve had a long run. It’s been good
I want to go now. It’s time... I should

—M. LaCourt

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