Plenty Of Competitors For Janet's Obscenity Award

An estimated 140 million Americans watched the Super Bowl game this year. What they got was bad taste ads, nudity at half time, foul language and obscene violence. Viewers however complained about everything but the obscene violence. The biggest and loudest complaints were about, partial nudity, the exposure of Janet Jackson's breast.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Don Wildman, chairman of The American Family Association, Robert Knight, director of Concerned Women for America's Culture and many more influential people got on the horn to the Federal Communications Commission and shouted their outrage.

Michael Powel, chairman of the FCC immediately ordered an investigation.

That got everybody apologizing. Janet Jackson apologized. Justin Timberlake apologized. National Football League commissioner, Paul Tagliabue apologized. CBS spokesperson Leslie Anne Wade apologized.

People were outraged and people were apologized all over the place. They were outraged and they apologized because it's indecent to show a woman's breast on public television, especially when children are likely to be watching.

There is no doubt that the performance was indecent but I think many miss the point that it was the violence, not the bare breast that made it obscene. Just before Justin Timberlake ripped off a portion of Janet Jackson's dress he sang, "I'm gonna have you naked by the end of this dance". 140 million Americans witnessed an incredible act of violence and they didn't even notice. How could this be? They complained about two seconds of partial nudity and skipped the part about a man ripping a woman's clothes off. If Jackson had been wearing a bra under the dress, would they have complained at all?

As a parent, I would have complained about the violence. Next I'd have complained about the bad taste ads. I can't believe that grown advertising artists created such trash. Only children enamoured with bodily functions would think showing a horse's flatulence is funny. No, I take that back. Many adults who have not matured past a junior high school sense of humor would also think it funny.

But the Viagra ads were the worst. When it comes to bad taste, showing a woman's breast on National Television doesn't come anywhere near talking about a man's erectile dysfunction on National Television.

But the most ironic thing of all is that parents condone and support having their children watch grown men who are paid zillions of dollars and are quite possibly pumped up on steroids pummel each other in a game. They promote football; a game that demonstrates that winning by using force is admirable, even calling football good healthy family entertainment. It doesn't get much worse than this when it comes to indecently fostering violence.

– Marilyn LaCourt

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