What am I?

I’m not a what?
But who?

A what is something that stays so stable,
To change itself, it isn’t able.

My who cannot be just uncovered
As though it always was
A steadfast thing to be discovered
Established in a distant past

A what?  A thing?
I reject this static notion
An insult to my self-promotion

My ancestors go way back when
To a time I can’t imagine
They survived
I am
But who I am belongs to me
I claim that dignity

As I journey as a guest
I move through times and spaces
With other's faces, travel mates
Watching, listening, speaking, sensing
Taking in and putting out
Making sense
I change my who
Oh yes, I do
And if you’re honest so do you

We dance to music's different beats
To egoism and altruism,
Our selves in oppositions
To each other's propositions

Some claim answers known for sure
That’s how the they define us
But others claim that their’s are pure
And they require we concur

The questions they debate?
What is our purpose?
Why did we surface?
Us ants upon the earth

Those among us who are sure
They’ve got it right and others don’t
They dance to sounds of cultures clashing
Killing those who disagree

Together we could sort it out
Evolution ought to be our shout
The survival of our species...
That’s what it’s all about

And sing,
We ought
In harmony
Adjudicate and Legislate
We change the who,
Of me and you
The ‘us’ we are becoming

How do I know what who I am
I’m changing all the time
How do you grasp the self, called you?
I know you’re changing too

Cause, you’ll tell me
And I’ll tell you
If only we will listen

We could dance in step to reason’s beat
And our co-evolution

 —M. LaCourt

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